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“Wow! They make us stand out.”

Bow and Arrow Productions, Adel, Iowa

Iowa Fireworks Display Company
Iowa Fireworks Display Company

An event producer offering up high-end special events, Bow & Arrow Productions serves up one-of-kind galas for corporate clients, always with unique twists that build unforgettable experiences that keep clients coming back for more. So it’s no surprise that founder Michael Mars continues to choose Melrose Pyrotechnics as a partner in entertainment extraordinaire.

With more than two decades of experience delivering awe-inspiring events for clients locally, nationally, and globally, it’s fair to say Mars has been around the block. “I’ve worked with numerous companies for support in pyrotechnics and pyrotechnic musical productions,” he says. “All I can say is, Melrose truly excels in every detail. From the broad strokes of planning to the precision-timed second-by-second unveiling of every show, Melrose is so thorough.”

While the outstanding level of professionalism Mars experiences drives an ongoing relationship, that’s not all there is to it. “Matt from Melrose is extraordinarily good with follow-through. Of course, behind the scenes, he meets with fire departments, obtains municipal permits, and tracks attention to every detail to set the stage for a smooth show. Maybe you think it would be like that everywhere, but that’s not the case. We’ve worked with a lot of companies, and no one else is so responsive to us, such a detail-hound, so reliable,” says Mars.

But there’s more. “Matt and the Melrose team are really experts at what they do,” Mars continues. “Because we’re event producers, we originate the music. Then Melrose steps in and builds out our show into an amazing production. Melrose knows their tools, their technologies, and the art of entertainment. They really know how to put it together so the show takes on a life of its own.

Two decades of creative excellence in event production and his “insider” status in the world of event production make Mars a seasoned critic. And in his view, just a few words sum it up in a way anyone could fully appreciate: “Melrose really stands out.”

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